of the Police Academy in Szczytno


Kanclerz WSPol

acting Chancellor of the Police Academy in Szczytno - lieut. col. dr Krzysztof Wiciak

tel. +48 89 621 51 13
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Lieut. col. dr Krzysztof Wiciak was born in 1972 in Januszewo. He began his police career as a riot officer at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in 1992. Then, since 1998 he continued his service at the Municipal Police Headquarters in Płock, where he dealt with fighting crimes against the person. From 2002 to 2004 he worked for the Central Bureau of Investigation, dealing with economic and criminal offences. In 2014 he began his work for the Police Academy in Szczytno, where starting from the position of an instructor and ending with the position of an assistant professor, he was scientifically and didactically involved in combatting organised crime. Working at the Police Academy, he co-formed the Institute for Training Law Enforcement Officers Combatting Organised Crime and Terrorism. In 2002 he became the head of the Department for Research on Crime and Terrorism, and in 2010 the head of the Institute for Research on Crime and Terrorism at the Faculty of Internal Security. On 3 August 2017 he was appointed as acting Chancellor of the Police Academy in Szczytno.

In 2002 he obtained a Master’s degree in political sciences at the University of Warsaw, and a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw in 2010. When developing his scientific career, he organised many important scientific events concerning economic crime control. As a team leader, he was responsible for the development of numerous programmes related to crime control, and as a project manager for the development of instruments for fighting crime related to, among others, financial investigations and kidnappings for ransom. He was also responsible for the development of the first degree IT engineering study programmes, postgraduate studies in combatting organised crime and second degree studies in combatting cybercrime. He is the author of thirty five publications on legal aspects of combatting organised crime.